About us

ReloAdvisor History

ReloAdvisor was founded by an expat, entrepreneur Marco Maruccia, who moved from Italy to the Netherlands. He had a great idea and a technical education. After 18 years of living abroad, Maruccia realised how useful and powerful it would be to connect relocation and removal companies with expats moving abroad. In 2010, he started testing this formula, visiting moving companies on a worldwide scale, reaching more than 10,000 movers to explain the benefits of digitally and transparently assisting their customer base (expats moving abroad).

When expats move abroad, they usually have no idea  how many companies and services are actually involved in a single move request. Due to our experience, and reading and analyzing tens of thousands of expats reviews, we realised that this market is not really transparent to expats in terms of prices and services offered. The quotes offered from  moving companies were too different, and the expat could not identify the real reasons why some services are more expensive than others. We value transparency, which is why we are proud to offer a platform that matches expats to movers and improves transparency due to the review systems and the price indication per route.


ReloAdvisor Mission

  • To help consumers (expats) around the world to find the perfect moving company for their relocation.
  • To provide moving companies with the right tools to increase their business revenue.


ReloAdvisor Vision

We believe in transparency, technology and helping people! This is why ReloAdvisor is committed to delivering an easy to use platform combined with modern technology to help consumers with every stage of their relocation. Providing people not only with a free comparison of moving company quotes, but also delivering reviews, extra tips, and advice on services at every stage of their journey.