How do I get a price indication?

Thanks to our 15 years of experience in the removal industry, we are able to give you a quick price indication based on your routes and requirements.

To get a quote:

  • Enter your contact details and your requirements in the form here above;
  • Insert your route by specifying the origin and the address where you would like to move to;
  • Select the furniture or the items that you would like to take with you to the new destination address;
  • Enter extra services you require at the origin and at the destination address;
  • Get your price indication.

There are many variables when moving. The price indication will reflect the information entered into the system. Keeping in mind that moving abroad is an unfamiliar experience for many people, the price shown is only an estimate. The exact price will be determined by the experienced moving company once it has fully assessed your needs.

Fill in our quote form and we will match your requirements (move date, origin and destination routes, number of items, etc.) with up to 5 moving companies. These companies are all selected and trusted by ReloAdvisor and are able to assist you and present you with a tailored free quote.

If you would like to receive more moving quotes, you can visit our reviews site where we collect all the reviews and present more than 10,000 international and national movers worldwide. Please visit if you would like to find more moving companies that are able to assist you with your move.

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