Moving to the United Kingdom

Moving to the UK

Why do people choose to move to the UK?

There are many reasons why expats choose the UK as their new home. For instance, this country has much to offer in terms of job opportunities, culture, nature, and education system. Plus, the UK is globally known to be extremely variegate. Here cultures from all around the world connect with each other creating a fascinating melting pot.

What are the benefits of moving to the UK?

The benefits of moving to the UK are several. For instance, education is free for all legal residents. This means that your children can attend public schools completely for free. Next to a competitive school system, expats will enjoy the wide variety that the job market has to offer. Working in the UK has lots of benefits such as strong labor laws, and generous employee benefits. Additionally, expats will benefit from generous sick and parental leave.

Another great reason to move to Great Britain is the astonishing nature. There is a great variety of landscapes, from green hills to mountains capped with snow. There is enough for every nature lover!

Lastly,  the UK has a very advantageous position. This means that you can easily reach multiple European destinations by train at low costs.


Big Ben, moving to the UK


Culture and traditions in the UK 

The culture of this country is variegated and very unique. People here are usually very polite, making large use of words such as “thank you”, “please”, and “sorry”.

British people are punctual. This means that being late for work or appointments is considered very rude. If you will not make it on time, contact immediately those involved.

Don’t try to skip the line. In the UK jumping the queue will make people around you extremely unhappy. Therefore, be patient and respect the line.

If someone invites to his own place, it is a good habit to bring a small gift with you. Wine, flowers, or chocolate are perfect gifts for the host!

The national sport of the UK

Thanks to the extremely diverse environment, this country is home to a variety of sports.


This is the most popular game with more than 100 teams. The most popular league is the Premier League where the 20 best teams in the UK challenge each other.


This sport became famous in the 17th century. There are 18 professional teams spread all over the country who participate in the First Class County Championship each summer.


Along with football, rugby is one of the most popular games in the UK and is divided into Rugby Union and Rugby League.


The interest in Tennis is growing every year. This is mostly due to Wimbledon which is the most important tennis tournament in the UK.

Public transportation in the UK

The country offers an excellent system of public transportation, especially in large cities. Here you will find an efficient network of the overground and underground rail systems. Bear in mind that buses in London are completely cashless so you will need either an Oyster Card or your credit card. The UK has also a very efficient system of night buses which usually run next to metro stations.

bus in London

What is the Cost of Public Transport in the UK?

A single bus fare is valid for 1h and costs £1.65. You can easily take different buses within one hour at no extra charge. Additionally, a single-day bus fare will cost you no more than £4.95 thanks to Hopper fare.

Paying your fare is really simple. Just touch your Oyster card or contactless payment card on the yellow card reader when on board the bus.

If you wish instead to purchase your ticket in advance, simply go to any station and look for a ticket machine.

How to get a taxi in the UK

Taxis have usually a black color or sometimes dark blue. If you need one, approach at taxi ranks.

Another common way to take a taxi is to flag them down in the street. Beware that only cabs with the sign lit up are available.

taxi in the UK


Languages of the UK

The English language is commonly used across the whole United Kingdom. Next to this, there are at least 300 different languages usually spoken in British schools.

The country has 3 indigenous languages:

  • English: this is not the official language of the UK but is the main one. Despite different English dialects, everyone can understand each other.
  • Welsh: is the only official language of the UK. This language has a Celtic origin and it is totally different from English
  • Scots: is the second most spoken language in the UK. Usually is learned as a second language.

What are the top 3 languages spoken in the UK?

The number of people speaking a different language than English is growing every year. Let’s discover which are the top 3 non-English languages:

  • Polish: since 2004 the number of Polish people in the UK has grown. It is now estimated that 800,000 native Polish speakers are living in the country.
  • Punjabi, Urdu, Bengali, and Gujarati: Together they have over 2 million speakers.
  • Arabic: this language is the fifth most spoken foreign language in the UK.

language in the UK

The average wage in the UK

Workers in the UK usually receive a gross salary. This means that your salary will include the money earned before deductions. Examples of deductions are:

  • national insurance
  • contributions
  • taxes.

In the United Kingdom, taxes and social security payments take up approximately 25% of an employee’s gross pay. In the last year, salaries have slightly increased. For instance, the average wage for all workers in the UK is £25,971. In contrast, the average wage for full-time workers in the UK is £31,285.

What is a good salary in the UK?

Mostly depends on the area where you are living. However, a monthly net income between £2,000 and £3,000 is considered to be a good salary. Keep in mind that if you are planning to live in London, especially in the Central area of the city then you might need to earn at least £4,000 a month. This is due to the higher living costs compared to the rest of the country.

Average salary in the UK

What jobs will be in demand in 2022 UK?

The global job market has gone through a lot of changes during these two years of pandemics. The result is that some of the high-demand jobs of earlier times are now going through a downfall. Moreover, Brexit has deeply affected the UK job market since EU workers can no longer move to the United Kingdom to fill in the gaps in the UK job force.

Nevertheless, this country is still one of the top places that people from all over the world want to migrate to.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 most demanding areas in the UK that migrant workers can look for:

Healthcare. Due to numerous health crises happening all around the world, the demand for health professionals is still high.

The following are the top job positions in the healthcare industry and their national average salary:

  • Medical Director – £103,637 per year
  • Neurosurgeon – £94,434 per year
  • Anesthetist – £93,923 per year
  • Plastic Surgeon – £91,826 per year scientists.

Science. The UK encourages scientific research and therefore the demand for professionals with a scientific background is on the rise.

The following are some of the top scientific job roles and their national average salary:

  • Environmental Scientist – £32,436 per year
  • Senior Biologist – £43,630 per year
  • Research Scientist – £35,387 per year
  • Data Scientist – £49,501 per year

Engineers. This field is always looking for skilled workers in various fields of engineering.

The following are some of the top engineering job roles and their national average salary:

  • Nuclear Engineer – £64,350 per year
  • Data Engineer – £56,418 per year
  • Software Engineer – £46,140 per year
  • Robotics Engineer – £43,250 per year

Information Technology Professionals. Now more than ever there is a demand for workers with a computer science background.

The following are the top jobs in the information technology industry and their national average salary:

  • Project Manager – £43,833 per year
  • Web Design Professionals – £28,413 per year
  • Programmers – £34,917 per year
  • Software development professionals – £31,139 per year

Business Management Professionals. The demand for businessmen is growing thanks also to the fact that more people are becoming entrepreneurs now.

The following are the top demanding jobs in the UK, along with their National average salary:

  • Operations Manager – £41,981 per year
  • Store Manager – £28,498 per year
  • Customer Assistant – £22,000 per year

UK Visa Requirements

Visa permits

A UK Visa is a document that will grant you the right to enter this country. A Visa can be temporary or permanent. The reasons why people request a Visa include to work, study, do business, join family members, visit as a tourist, or seek refuge.

When applying for your UK Visa keep in mind that for every Visa there are specific required documents.  This means that according to the type of Visa you are applying for, you will need to collect specific documents. The required documents need to comply with the criteria set by the UK Home Office.

What Are the Required Documents for a UK Visa?

You should submit the following documents to apply for a UK visa:

  • UK visa application form
  • Two photographs
  • Your Valid Passport
  • Proof you have the financial means to cover the living costs while in the UK
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Detailed travel itinerary
  • Tuberculosis Test Results
  • Biometric information
  • UK visa invitation letter (If applicable)
  • Paid UK visa fees
  • Certified translations of any document that is not in either English or Welsh

Student Visas

If you are 16 or older and you are planning to enroll in a course for more than 6 months, then you need to apply for a student visa. Please check this step-by-step guide to to applying for your student visa. Don’t be afraid to ask for help at your local university. Usually your school should have an office dedicate to this matter. In case you want to find a side job or an internship whilst pursuing your studies, your visa and biometric residence permit and check your university’s rules to see if there are any restrictions.

Immigration in the UK

Skilled Worker Visa

With a skllied worker Visa you will be entitled to stay in the UK and to do an eligible job with an approved employer. The length of this specific Visa is 5 years after which it can extended as long as your criteria requirements are met. After the renew of your Worker Visa you might want to settle permanently in the UK. With this type of Visa you will be entitled to live, work and study for and indefinite period.

To obtain a skilled worker visa you need to submit a request online up to 3 months before the beginning of your work in the UK. Once this step is completed, you will get a decision on your visa within 3 weeks and 8 weeks.

In case you work in health or adult social care, check if you’re eligible to apply for the Health and Care Worker visa.




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